Classic River Boats, 22-36ft

The river boat is our version of the classic Snake River jet boat. Our stock river boats come with many stand-out features like high-end upholstery, CNC custom shifters, fully custom paint jobs, and all the little things you need for a good fishing trip up the river.

Extreme Shallow River Boats, 16-28ft

Built for serious shallow water boating, these boats feature UHMW plastic bottom and steel insert options.

This platform is designed to survive the conditions of shallow rough water while not sacrificing performance or handling.

  • 16-28′ LOA
  • Typically jet, but optionally outboard powered
  • Available in technicolor

Landing Craft, 22-48ft

Landing craft are a BMF specialty. These boats can be powered with an inboard jet drive or outboards and are built for shallow water running and high stability handling.

Our base landing craft platform is a 26’ with raised pilot house, Hamilton 274 jet pump and a Yanmar 315 hp diesel engine. This is a true workhorse with loads of power, carrying capacity and when configured properly can operate in less than 1 foot of water.





BMF also makes a sporty version of the river boat with a small landing craft door perfect for loading ATV’s or camping gear.  This boat is made in a 20 to 24′ version and features a soft-top roof and single jet.

The majority of BMF’s landing crafts are custom built for commercial clients like this 34′ twin diesel with jet pumps currently in the shop.


Ocean Boats – Catamarans & Steep Vee Cabin Boats, to 50ft

We have significant experience building offshore boats for big sea handling. From custom catamarans for survey work where stability is critical to steep vee open water boats with large cabins and the comforts required for overnight and weekend trips Bean has the design for you.

Barges, up to 60ft

We’ve built numerous barges for our commercial customers. Our base platform can be built sectional to accommodate for wide designs that are over DOT legal towing regulations or even built on-site for big projects.